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Taking a breaking.

I need to take a break from my clothing line. Promotion is hard and I need some time to think about how I am going to promote. What venues I will use to promote my clothing line. It’s just taking some time to actually get this line up and going. I am having a hard time promoting right now so I will be taking a break maybe for about a week or two umm I already took a week break from promoting but now I’m actually going to take that break I need. I want to thank the customers I will have soon. Because of you all I was able to make t shirts be glad that I’m a lesbian for the LGBT community and questioning my bad. I look forward to the big day. I got a lot I want to do. I just need that time to think.

Thank you.


I am sitting here wondering if I should make a new shirt or just pull the some off the internet. It is going to be rough promoting my clothing line for the LGBT community. But it can be done. I will be making some custom tees as well. I have one up all ready. Of course, I will not make the tees the way the customer wants. It is not that type of custom tees here. Just some tees. Just some pride tees.

That is all.

What is Pride Brooklyn all about? Well, that is simple. Pride Brooklyn is about the love for the borough of New York. But on the other hand, Pride Brooklyn is all so for the Gay community of Brooklyn and New York as a whole. It can all so be for all of the gay communities in the United State. Bit Pride Brooklyn to me is, the love of my gay community and my love for Brooklyn, NY.

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